Your Invitation To Presence 



to experience true happiness in the present moment.

Find assurance and guidance while you observe where you deny yourself, criticize your beauty, blame your past, or even apologize for being alive. Break free of the limiting beliefs and behaviors that are holding you back and embrace the life you have always dreamed of!

Let me show you how.
Your time is Now.

- Deborah Wilder, MA Counseling and Guidance

On the road to sovereignty, there are

Three paths to explore

Power Of Presence Membership

Practice living in presence with live weekly transmissions, monthly meditation downloads and more.

One-on-One Presence Coaching

Work with Deborah one-on-one to see your patterns more clearly, discover positive ways to go beyond your fear, discomfort and disbelief.


Live, online group classes facilitated by Deborah in an intimate setting.


“When Covid crisis emerged my life flipped upside down, all felt out of control. Deborah helped me to go in and contain my energy so that I could meet the challenges I was facing. She is a true shaman and guide for healing and empowerment. I learnt that I am enough and my life is enough. Today I feel more integrated, at peace and in real freedom.”

- Gil O., Entrepreneur


“Deborah is able to weave a strong container of love and relaxation through her spontaneous offerings. Time with her feels tender and deeply nurturing. If you need to feel like you just took a nap in the Great Mother’s lap then this is a lovely way to do it!”

- Dr. Jaqueline Chan


“It’s been 1.5 years since I worked with Deborah and I feel that some of her wisdom is still landing in my body. I still recommend her to many, many people in my life. Deborah guided me back to me, stood strongly in my worth (even when I wasn’t demonstrating it), and ultimately supported my journey into womanhood (which still continues). Because of Deborah, I see what a full, embodied relationship is, and that is what I am committed to with myself, and the people in my life.”

- Rachel L.


"Deborah is a transformational presence in my life and in everyone I know who has encountered her. Whether you need a whole life reboot or just a tweak, she is a trustworthy source to help you achieve your goals."

- CAROL S. PEARSON, Author of Awakening the Heroes Within


“I worked with Deborah for 10 sessions and it's one of the best investments I've ever made in myself. I can hardly believe I debated signing up. I was in the middle of a crisis, a very unhealthy relationship that was going in circles. 6 years in, it was hard to think of it not continuing and I didn't know what to do. Deborah helped to lift my "brain fog" (that I didn't even realize I had) that was preventing me from seeing reality clearly. She held compassionate and non-judgemental space for my deepest fears, guilt, shame, and pain, and I worked through all of them. I resurfaced clear-minded and an upgraded version of myself; stronger, wiser, calmer, more confident. I am considering seeing Deborah again down the road like a personal advisor and mentor in life; her wisdom is so powerful and effective for non-crisis times as well.” 

- C.O., - Holistic Health Coach



“A few years ago I was going through a big career transition and knew that I was in need of some support. Being a psychologist myself, I was pretty picky in regards to choosing a therapist. I found my way to Deborah, and am so grateful that our paths crossed. What she was able to help me shift in such a short amount of time feels remarkable. She is attuned, empathic, wise, focused, able to get to the core issues quickly, and holds such a profound, sacred space - all of the elements needed for healing and transformative work. I even shifted some of the ways I was showing up in family dynamics - an unexpected and truly liberating gift from our work together. I have referred many people to Deborah over the years and continue to hear how profound and healing people’s experiences have been with her.” 

- Jenna A., Psychologist

Exploring Presence with Deborah & Somer


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Stay connected

Receive announcements, upcoming course dates and more directly to your inbox.