The Power Of Presence


Now, more than ever, we need a reminder to come into presence.

The ever increasing distractions of our daily lives require us to gain new capacities to stay in presence, as it’s the only thing that is real. For years my clients have been asking me to share more of my thoughts, insights, rituals and transmissions. Thankfully the team and the insights have arrived to meet this precious moment! I hope you’ll join me as I continue to bathe in the awe and wonder that presence can bring to these most tumultuous times. 

What's included 

Monthly Meditation downloads

Each month Deborah will take you on a new journey. Deepen your relationship with your own experience and open yourself to new opportunities of expression and intimacy with others.

Live Weekly Transmissions from Deborah

Join Deborah each week on Zoom for a grounding, expansive experience. A weekly ritual to set your intentions, give thanks for this breath and settle into presence once again.

The Third Act Audio Course

Claim your Life

This three part audio course is perfect for those moments when you only have five minutes to drop in. It’s designed to be listened to more than once. Every new day is an opportunity to claim your life.

Discounted access to all of Deborah’s Live Virtual Courses

30% membership discount
($225 savings on each course)

Whether you are just beginning your journey into presence and your exploration of codependency or you have been in this dojo for a while, each course offers a different lens to see the world with more presence, more joy and more life. For more information on Deborah’s courses, click here.

Investment: $75/mo

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This is for you if

  • You want rituals and support to live in presence more consistently
  • You are seeking knowledge and information about codependency
  • You want to deepen your relationship with yourself, your presence and your intuition 
  • You’re new to Deborah’s work and are curious to explore more 
  • You are looking for consistent support to keep your sovereignty top of mind
  • You’d benefit from a weekly invitation to come back to yourself so you can more fully include your wants and needs in your life
  • You’ve completed a coaching package with Deborah and want to stay in connection with the work
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