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Codependency 101

Do you lose yourself when you get into a relationship?

Are you under-resourced, exhausted and unclear about how to get your needs met? 

Are you working hard in your relationship, only to feel like you are somehow failing at the end of the day?

The intimacy and connection that you long for is real. 

You’re ready to feel differently, relate differently and feel resourced and nourished by your relationships. 

A new experience is here.


"The core of Deborah's genius lies in the immensity of her loving presence. She also brings what feels like lifetimes of practical, embodied wisdom to the table. Working with her has helped me to unwind my most persistent patterns of codependence which has freed new levels of intimacy in my relationship."
- Samantha S.

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Trusting Your Instincts & Intuition

Are you in the existential swirl of  “what am I doing here?”

Are you high-functioning and even thriving in most of your life, but feel like you’re just going through the motions? 

Do you feel like you’re on a hamster wheel, in the rat race or just generally in a state of proving? 

You want to expand your capacity for satisfaction and find the zest and zeal for your life that you have been missing. You’re ready to build a relationship between your instincts and intuition.

You’re ready to trust yourself, your choices. 

Life is ready for you.


“Deborah gave me new tools to work with. Tools that will allow me to fulfill this commitment to myself.  I am a spiritual being in a human body, now staying connected to my spiritual power.  I owe it to myself, and to those who love me, to be happy and experience joy and serenity in this life. I will always be grateful that I was guided to Deborah at this point in time and was open to receive this gift."  
- Rebecca Collins

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Your Sacred Sovereignty

Do you feel overwhelmed by your own expectations? 

Do you feel like you’re working overtime, trying to be a good parent, good partner, good provider...but you just don’t feel good about it? 

Do you have a vision for how you want your life to be, but trying to get there is taking all you’ve got and you're still not even close?

You want to feel safe in and delighted to meet the world and all that life brings you. 

You are already enough.


"With Deborah's empowering, loving, professional, and intuitive guidance, I have once again found my empowered, authentic voice, I have been able to learn the importance of how to establish healthy boundaries, and I have fallen in love with my true self again throughout the process."
- Guilyn M.

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The One is Waiting for You

Are you longing for more intimacy in your relationships?

Are you longing for intimacy that you haven’t found yet?

Does the question “what’s wrong with me?” cross your mind when you think about what kind of relationship you want… and don’t have? 

You know there must be something more.
More options.
A different experience.
You’re right.

The One is waiting for you.


"Deborah completely changed my life. I found Deborah during a time of high anxiety and codependent patterns that I didn't even know I had, as well as general confusion about my purpose. Throughout my 1-1 sessions with Deborah as well as participating in a "Saying Yes to Love Class," I found my forever partner (we have been together almost 2 years now) and successfully started my own therapy private practice. Deborah is an incredibly wise and loving woman, who will change the way you live."
- Sophie W., Therapist

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