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Freedom through Presence

I invite you to claim your own power and light.

The magic of your commitment to yourself yields the desired changes when you feel safe, protected, heard, and revered in all your messy humanity.

By simply being present, we discover life is always for us, and never against us. 

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Deborah offers packages of ten sessions to clients who are ready to commit to the journey together.
If you are interested in working with Deborah, book a free, 30-minute discovery call.

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What Clients are Saying

My husband and I worked with four professionals over the years to heal issues related to disconnection and codependence. Deborah was the first and only true healer of the bunch and the only one to help us out of a deep rut. We each worked with her individually to deeply understand our patterns and her ability to somehow give the most grounded, practical advice alongside the deepest, wisest soul medicine has been profound. Deborah is kind and honest, gentle and strong. She has a rare ability to attune deeply to the heart of the matter. I will be forever grateful for her guidance.

- Alexis N.

I left a narcissistic abusive relationship with my son and was in a state of panic when I learned about Deborah through word of mouth. She held space masterfully for me while educating me about PTSD and narcissism and codependency. She helped me tap into my own wisdom and find my own strength in the most difficult days of my life. I am one of the few women I have heard of who left her abuser once and never went back, and I don't think I could have done that without Deborah's support. She is one of the wisest, most tuned in, beautiful souls that I have ever had the pleasure of knowing. 

- C.H., RN/BSN

"Honestly, I didn’t know I even needed a life coach until I met Deborah

During our first session Deborah asked “Who is Kristan?” I described myself as a stay at home mom; exhausted by the daily minutia, grateful, but unseen. I have come to realize I am so much more than this label. I have been introduced to a new Kristan and I am on a journey of self discovery. Everyday I have the choice to break away from old patterns and create new healthy rituals. I am still a wife, mom and friend, but learning to move in a way that I place more value on myself which benefits all of my people." 

-Kristan D.

“I worked with Deborah for 10 sessions and it's one of the best investments I've ever made in myself. I can hardly believe I debated signing up. I was in the middle of a crisis, a very unhealthy relationship that was going in circles. 6 years in, it was hard to think of it not continuing and I didn't know what to do. Deborah helped to lift my "brain fog" (that I didn't even realize I had) that was preventing me from seeing reality clearly. She held compassionate and non-judgemental space for my deepest fears, guilt, shame, and pain, and I worked through all of them. I resurfaced clear-minded and an upgraded version of myself; stronger, wiser, calmer, more confident. I am considering seeing Deborah again down the road like a personal advisor and mentor in life; her wisdom is so powerful and effective for non-crisis times as well.” 

- C.O., Holistic Health Coach

“I was in a romantic relationship that was clearly a repeat of my past. I was struggling to stand in my knowing and live from my truth. I started with Deborah to help me navigate the path I knew was right for me but my codependent patterns would not allow me to take. I was in an inner battle between choosing my truth or upholding a fantasy about what I thought love was. Her own sovereign presence helped me attune deeply into my own and anchor more and more with each session. I was able to transition out of the relationship with peace and clarity and we parted with understanding not anger. Deborah is a true guide for embodiment and loving yourself home.”

- Tami W., Coach

“A few years ago I was going through a big career transition and knew that I was in need of some support. Being a psychologist myself, I was pretty picky in regards to choosing a therapist. I found my way to Deborah, and am so grateful that our paths crossed. What she was able to help me shift in such a short amount of time feels remarkable. She is attuned, empathic, wise, focused, able to get to the core issues quickly, and holds such a profound, sacred space - all of the elements needed for healing and transformative work. I even shifted some of the ways I was showing up in family dynamics - an unexpected and truly liberating gift from our work together. I have referred many people to Deborah over the years and continue to hear how profound and healing people’s experiences have been with her.” 

- Jenna A., Psychologist

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