Healthy Choices

Do I really need a new career at age 65? Apparently  YES!

When I get mad, I get going!  That is what happened when I learned about how my health was being affected by the cookware I was using. I just couldn’t believe that no one had ever given me one clue that the issues I had with my energy, blood sugar, skin outbreaks, and digestive sensitivities had anything to do with what I was cooking in!  I didn’t even know this poisoning was my norm until I was educated!  We have no standards for regulating cookware in the US.  Heavy metal toxicity is a factor in leaky gut syndrome, cancer, and digestive disorders that create so much suffering here in our culture of excess.

One of the pans I was using is banned in Europe and South America! By allowing Dupont to create any variation of Teflon that they choose and sell it in a different color, the next “green” cookware is born! We think nothing of discarding whole sets of cookware after a few years to get the latest edition.  The landfill is the recipient of most of the discarded metal, but much of it has been left in your stomach!  

We need to wake up to the profit motives of corporations that are deliberately degrading our experience of health with the leaching of heavy metals into our food by selling us the latest shiny pots…all of which are laden with aluminum, copper, cadmium, and lead that we are consuming like a slow suicide.  There are no regulations for toxicity in cookware in the US.  Europe and Australia, South America all have regulations. Even pet stores are aware that cooking with non stick cookware will kill your bird…so if you have it, they will not replace the bird you are purchasing…just so you have the policy straight that is posted in the store.



Click here to learn more about Saladmaster...

Click here to learn more about Saladmaster...

If you want to see what your cookware is contributing to your health, bring your favorite pot and let’s test it and see! I have a healthy solution that brings your health access to 90% of the nutrition that you buy in organic food.