Love simply is and always will be the truth.

I have compassion for the suffering that our "shoulds" create in our lives. Too much or too little time, the "rightness" of our own journey and "what is acceptable" are ever changing agreements among our illusions of separate minds. 

When we are moving in the direction of love, we cannot know how other's will perceive through their own experience.

I offer my support today in letting go of these judgments. As Byron Katie says, when we make peace with what is, the war is over.The real awareness for me is that we are not separate. We are all devoted to love. We make the choice onto who's face we project it. Choices are not easy to make to be true to ourselves, but when we do, everyone benefits. 

There is nothing we can do to change someone else perceptions. I am receiving yours as I hope you receive mine. May we all claim our own hearts without judgement. Love simply is...and always will be the truth.

With Love, Deborah

PS:  I  wrote this as my response to those who are upset that my dear Dad is seeing his old friend just two months after my Mom's passing. Something I see as a miracle, and others see as a tragedy. The real tragedy is that she is facing lymphoma and this brief meeting is the real healing they both need. Judgements and love do not reside in the same heart. May we all surrender to love.