It is never too late!

My journey to transformation brought me unexpected healing. On day 9 of my 10 day transformation, my mother died of complications from Diabetes. I flew to be with my family on the last day of the cleanse. I felt stable and present through creating the memorial and holding space for sharing with everyone. Before I returned home, I asked my 92 year old Dad if he was interested in trying something new to lighten up and have less inflammation in his knees.

He was game on! The first miracle was that reading Dave Sandoval's Green Foods Bible inspired him to give up coffee after a more than 60 year habit! Nothing I suggested! It was amazing to watch him as he got acquainted with the Core 3 for 10 days before his first Transformation. He was very devoted to the program and lost 6 lbs. of a substantial weight gain he acquired after being confined to the rigors of caregiving for my mother for the past 3 years. He has more interest in walking, and as a life long farmer he has always been active.


He was game on!

Love is forever young.....and it's never too late to get healthy! Thank you Dad for showing me!!

Then the second miracle....he chose to take a trip to Seattle with my sister, met my husband there and flew here to the Bay to be with us two weeks ago. He wanted to do the second round of a 10 day transformation to see if he could really let go of more weight and here are the results: 16 lbs and 4'12 inches later ! I am inspired by his open mind, his willingness to change, and his new outlook on life! He is about to visit his high school girlfriend also age 92 in a few days. Love is forever young.....and it's never too late to get healthy! Thank you Dad for showing me!!

With Love, Deborah.

If you would like to know more about the cleanse and tips to jumpstart your healthy habits - I would love to hear from you.