Farewell my mother. Fly free, my Love!


"You're just like your mother".

I hear the 5 most feared words in the English language in my ear this morning. "You're just like your mother". Something I have spent a lifetime avoiding and today I must own. 

As I spoke at her memorial, I knew in my heart, I would be healed of a legacy of never feeling like I have done enough, if I could share the music that I wish for her heart. "Kinder" by Copper Women says it all : " I've decided to be happy, I've decided to be kind, I've decided to let go of all the pain inside, to tell myself I'm beautiful, it's OK to be alive. I know I am blessed. I know all I wanted was this. I know I don't need more. I know this is what I came for. "

My gift to myself is to stop this legacy for all future generations. I am truly grateful for all that I am. As the congregation received this blessing, I receive it anew today.

Karen Drucker sings...."I am a gift, a precious child. Put here on this earth only for a while. I've loved really well. Every chapter of my life has a different tale to tell. And sometimes I may need you to find me, and ever so gently remind me...

That I am a gift...I am perfect and whole and enough".  
Farewell my mother. Fly free, my Love! 
Soar high with your beautiful spirit! You are loved.

With Love, Deborah