Your Alchemy Kit

We have perfect alchemical formula for rest in our bodies.  When we push past the signs of body distress, the back pain, sleep deprivation, the hunger, the fatigue, even the need to stop and pee….we lose our power! 

Image by Jenwah ,  SilkArtCreations

Image by Jenwah , SilkArtCreations

How many times have you pushed your body beyond your limits? Maybe you are young enough the current effects are minimal, but I am here to tell you that your adrenals are keeping score!!   They won’t lie to you in your 50’s and 60’s!  Adequate sleep and rest is crucial for the adrenals…and the thyroid, too! About four years ago, my voice suddenly dropped an octave, into the vulnerable range, making it difficult for me to speak.    I ask you to recognize that holding out on your own needs can result in unexpected consequences.   Relaxation is the key!

I had a dramatic event that taught me to listen to my body that I’d like to share. Twenty three years ago, I got a call about 9 pm from my brother in Idaho. “Mom had a head-on collision.  You better come as soon as you can. It happened at 4 this afternoon, I have to go now”.

Since I couldn’t get a flight out until 6 he next morning, I sat up all night in the shock of the reality that she could die, and the only thing I could do about it was forgive her.  Forgive her for the very rough and rocky terrain of our relationship. You know what the hardest thing for me to forgive her for? For never taking care of herself, for working when she was exhausted, for skipping lunch and never buying a decent pair of shoes for herself in all her 65 years.  Martyr training that infuriated me!

 I made a commitment that night, to not live her life….to listen to my body, to care for myself, to honor my needs,  She Miraculously survived, is 88 now…and still can’t relax!   I just turned 65 yesterday dancing with my community and spending the afternoon with my beloved at the spa being pampered…grateful for a happy body!

Forgiveness for myself is a part of my self-care. Forgiveness allows me to relax with myself.

I offer you a moment now to experience forgiveness for yourself and treasure your precious body and soul.   This simple Hopono ono  prayer can bring an invitation to receive yourself   Please take a breath with me.   Feel down into your feet, bring your awareness slowly up through your body and into your heart.  Recall a time you pushed yourself too hard, didn’t listen, suffered the pain of being out of sync with your body’s needs.  Sit back down now in the grace of being here and place your hands on your heart.  Give yourself genuine compassion and forgiveness….