to experience true happiness in the present moment.
Find assurance and guidance while you observe where you deny yourself, criticize your beauty, blame your past, or even apologize for being alive! Break free of the limiting beliefs and behaviors that are holding you back to embrace the life you have always dreamed of!
Let me show you how. Your time is Now!

Deborah Wilder, MA Counseling and Guidance


Private Sessions, In-Depth Courses & Women Retreats. In all areas of your life, Deborah can assist in grounding, seeing your patterns more clearly, and discovering positive ways to go beyond your edge of fear, discomfort and disbelief.   Free up your expression to find joy and peace as you engage the world around and inside you. 

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Calling in the One Classes. Co-taught with her partner Lloyd Barde, these are 8-week co-ed classes based on Katherine Woodward Thomas's Calling in "The One" book. Six years and 31 classes later, this is a wildly successful and popular class for couples, singles, or "not sures" of all ages with 100% success rate. Numerous testimonials available upon request. Contact us for more info & upcoming dates.


Jumpstart your healthy habits today. You’re Invited to a “Healthy Cooking Show“ presented by Saladmaster Nutritional Instructor/Chef & Ayurveda Practitioner, Deborah Wilder. Learn how to prepare delicious, healthy meals in half the time! Come learn fascinating, cutting-edge information regarding nutrition, healthy cooking methods, cookware options, and prevention of diet-related diseases.  Join a Free Tasting Dinner

"When I am considering an issue or idea with Deborah, it feels as though she is seeing into me and helping me see the clarity that already exists in me." - Markela Manesis