You’re Invited to a “Healthy Cooking Show“ presented by Saladmaster Nutritional Instructor/Chef
& Ayurveda Practitioner Deborah Wilder. 

Come learn fascinating, cutting-edge information regarding nutrition, healthy cooking methods, cookware options, prevention of diet-related diseases and learn how you can create health, save time and money, and preserve your investment in beautiful organic foods .
You will enjoy a nourishing, five-course gluten-free, organic meal, plus a healthy dessert! This will be an enjoyable 3-hour class / dinner shared with special friends.

My passion for offering these healthy cooking classes
isn't just about the amazing food we can access here in Ashland,Oregon.

With a supply of fresh produce of novel varieties, our opportunities for creative nutritious dishes abound. I am thrilled to be eating as well as anyone anywhere!  What shocks me is what we do to this glorious food after we bring it home.  Educating others is my passion because I can actually taste the difference in food that is prepared at lower temperature ( below 187 degrees) and in cookware that does not leach heavy metals into our bodies!

As a student of Ayurveda for years, trained at the Chopra Center, knowing how to balance foods for healthy metabolism is second nature.  Teaching classes based on eating for your specific metabolism, including healthy supplements and super foods is a joy!  As an interior designer I have supervised the renovation and development of kitchens that cost $100,000, yet I had no clue that the simple cookware we use has such a huge impact on our health…no matter how elegant the setting...until now!


Please join me to learn how you can create health, save time and money, and preserve your investment in the beautiful organic foods you purchase by cooking them in completely inert metals that will not leach.
If you want to see how your cookware is contributing to your health, bring your favorite pan and let’s test it and see! I have a healthy solution to access 90% of the nutrition that you buy in organic food and it comes with a lifetime warranty! 



When I get mad, I get going!  That is what happened when I learned about how my health was being affected by the cookware I was using. I just couldn’t believe that no one had ever given me one clue that the issues I had with my energy, blood sugar, skin outbreaks, and digestive sensitivities had anything to do with my cookware!  I didn’t even know this poisoning was our norm until I was educated!  We have no standards for regulating cookware in the US...